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Our customers have many competing priorities and the set-up of a dedicated JD Edwards support operation may not be the most cost-effective solution for them. To meet demand for outsourced support, Millennium provides various options that suits individual requirements. Acting as an outsourced JD Edwards Operational Support department, we provide telephone, email and remote support (and on-site consultancy if required) to ensure our clients remain operational at all times.

Support calls and emails are logged and allocated to the support team who respond and resolve issues in line with Service Level Agreements. Issues we deal with include setting up new GL accounts, suppliers, users, reports, operating units etc. Trouble shooting when there are operational errors. We take care of all day to day issues to allow you to focus upon your business.


Millennium Consulting operates a very cost effective model for providing JD Edwards technial and functional support offering six flexible levels of support to cater for all types of requirements and companies: -

Millennium Consulting has provided managed services to its clients for many years. By offering a flexible range of services we can cater for all industries for all modules of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World - from very small customers to very large ones.

Our services cover all aspects of running JD Edwards including the infrastructure and techniology, the application and interfaces. Our range of service offerings ranges from pay-as-you-go support to annual support contracts.

For many organisations, spiralling expenditure on IT support is seen as a burden, not a business enabler. Managing IT assets can be a resource heavy job, with on-going issues and routine tasks taking up valuable time. The reoccurrence of similar faults can lead to a poor perception of the support service delivered, creating a negative user perception.By outsourcing the management of your environment to SCC, we can help by saving you significant expenditure, increasing efficiency and productivity while freeing up your important resources.

All these services are delivered to a Service Level Agreement by our team of highly skilled and experienced support specialists. Whether you want to provide supplementary support, backfill or completely outsource your support organisation Millennium Consulting can help you in a highly cost effective manner allowing you to achieve cost savings and service improvements. We use a range of industry leading tools to manage our operations and can provide you with management reports showing your call history and responses. We can do root cause analysis and ensure your business learns and grows.

JD Edwards Support Models

As part of the 'take on' process with a new managed services customer we would always conduct a system healthcheck as part of the knowledge transition process to our support team.

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