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Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1) is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology and deep industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership. EnterpriseOne is the first ERP solution to run all applications on Apple iPad. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne also delivers mobile applications.

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Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1) is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that combines business value, standards-based technology and deep industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership. EnterpriseOne is the first ERP solution to run all applications on Apple iPad. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne also delivers mobile applications.

Announcing New JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release, User Experience Enhancements, and Industry Functionality - June 29th 2017

Oracle JD Edwards announces a significant, customer-driven product updates to empower companies on their journey to becoming digital enterprises. These enhancements provide companies transformative solutions to innovate in the digital economy and to run their business their way. Extending its commitment to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, Oracle is announcing the availability of Tools release including new functional enhancements and updated platform certifications. We are also announcing new UX One features, customer-driven ERP enhancements adding to deep industry functionality, and localisation updates. To read the full release click HERE.


Oracle's JD Edwards World Software single platform solution enables better collaboration both within and outside your business network. Get all of your lines of business working together sharing information, boosting performance, trimming costs, and driving profitable growth. Very large, medium, and small companies around the globe trust their business to run on JD Edwards, because of its low total cost of ownership, stability, and breadth of products.

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JD Edwards Support to 2028 and beyond: FAQ

Lifetime support

Don't let Oracle's competitors fool you into thinking JD Edwards is on its way out. They are wrong. The following Q & A from Oracle will firmly dispell any such stories. It's here to stay - probably for much longer than some of its competors!

Oracle has announced that it is extending the Premier Support period for the latest releases of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World. For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2: Premier Support is effective through at least October 2025 and Extended Support through at least October 2028. For JD Edwards World A9.4: Premier Support is effective through at least April 2022 and Extended Support through at least April 2025. For more information visit Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Applications.

Q: Why is Oracle making this change?

A: Based on the previous Premier Support dates for JD Edwards, our customers were delaying the decision to upgrade to EnterpriseOne 9.2 or World A9.4 releases because it would have resulted in a relatively short Premier Support window. Customers are interested in a JD Edwards solution that provides a solid upgrade ROI and a release with a significantly longer Premier Support horizon. Oracle wants to reassure JD Edwards customers that they can continue to run the current release of JD Edwards applications with ongoing support and enhancements through at least October 2028 for Release 9.2 and through at least April 2025 for World Release A9.4.

Q: What if I’m a customer who has already upgraded to Release 9.2?

A: EnterpriseOne 9.2 customers now have increased confidence because they have an expanded support window for 9.2 and will be able to adopt new capabilities when made available by JD Edwards.

Q: Do you still plan to deliver the next major release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (e.g., 9.3) approximately 3 years (2018) after the GA of 9.2?

A: No. Because we have significantly enhanced our software packaging and delivery processes using our Continuous Delivery model, we are no longer bound to delivering enhancements in major releases. This approach allows our customers to take enhancements when they meet specific business needs without the cost and disruption of a major upgrade. We will continue to follow this new model of delivering enhancement releases on the 9.2 code line.

Q: Will you deliver another major EnterpriseOne release?

A: If needed, a future major release is in our roadmap. For example, if a large functional or technology change cannot be delivered effectively as an enhancement release, this would lead us to consider a new code line split and a major release. We will focus on delivering future new enhancements releases on the 9.2 code line.

Q: Does this mean Oracle will no longer deliver enhancements for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne? ORACLE JD EDWARDS FAQ 2 JD EDWARDS PREMIER SUPPORT AND CONTINUOUS DELIVERY FAQ (APRIL 2017)

A: Absolutely not. We will continue delivering enhancements regularly, along with maintenance, regulatory updates, and technology improvements. Our history of delivering enhancements should be nothing new to JD Edwards customers who are on the EnterpriseOne 9.2 release. We have delivered five releases for the 9.2 code line since the general availability of EnterpriseOne 9.2 in October 2015. For more information visit the JD Edwards Product Roadmap.

Q: How about JD Edwards World?

A: JD Edwards World Release A9.4 will follow a similar model. Future enhancements, regulatory updates, and technology improvements will be delivered on the A9.4 code line.

Q: What is Continuous Delivery?

A: Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach in which our teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be released at any time. It aims at building, testing, and delivering software faster and more frequently. The approach helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of installing changes as major releases by allowing for more incremental updates from JD Edwards to the applications you have in production.

Q: Why is Continuous Delivery the right approach for JD Edwards customers?

A: Customer expectations have changed in terms of how they consume new versions of software. These expectations are based on their experience with cloud-based applications and consumer devices such as smartphones. With Continuous Delivery, customers get timely JD Edwards product innovations that support their business needs, without the cost and potential disruption of a major upgrade. Customers no longer want to wait several years to get a new set of features. These incremental enhancements are easier to consume, enabling customers to shorten time-to-value cycles.

Q: How have customers responded to Continuous Delivery?

A: Very positively! This change has given them even more choice and control. They like the added flexibility this model gives them in terms of when to adopt new releases, the expanded support window, and a simpler approach to maintaining their JD Edwards environments. Customers also like not having to budget or plan for a major upgrade. They can choose and control when to add new functionality, and it is easier, less disruptive, and faster to implement.

Q: What are the key advantages for customers? A

: Continuous Delivery gives our customers a tool to better align IT and the line of business organizations they support by scheduling the adoption of enhancements based on how they best serve the business rather than on an end-of-support date.

Q: Will Oracle end support for EnterpriseOne in 2028 and for World in 2025?

A: No. We will evaluate the support dates annually and determine when it makes sense to extend the Premier and Extended Support time horizons. Other Oracle Application lines follow a similar model.

Q: How often do you plan to deliver new enhancement releases to the JD Edwards code line?

A: We plan to deliver new updates two to three times per year for EnterpriseOne 9.2 and as needed for World A9.4.

Q: Why is the support timeline for World A9.4 shorter than EnterpriseOne 9.2? ORACLE JD EDWARDS FAQ 3 JD EDWARDS PREMIER SUPPORT AND CONTINUOUS DELIVERY FAQ (APRIL 2017)

A: This decision was driven by the needs of our customers. Based on discussions with our World customers, most are considering migration to the EnterpriseOne. We will continue to monitor this migration adoption and will make revisions based upon the needs of our customers.

Q: Can customers simply upgrade to EnterpriseOne 9.2 and forget about it for the next 5 - 8 years because it will be covered by Premier Support until at least 2025?

A: As a best practice, we recommend that customers maintain their environment and stay current on the 9.2 code line by taking regular enhancement releases. Using this methodology will make software updates routine and predictable, if or when customers need a new enhancement to support their line of business or need a technology uplift, for example to support a new browser or database version. However, customers still have the choice and control over how frequently and when they get to current releases of JD Edwards based on their business needs and cycles. The Continuous Delivery model will require a shift in how customers maintain their JD Edwards environments, and we have a variety of purpose-fit tools that allow customers to evaluate and adopt these enhancement releases. For more information visit the Analyze Your Installation Before Upgrading section on the EnterpriseOne Upgrade Resources page on LearnJDE.

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